Your best source of information should be the local trade group of private investigators. Each state has at least one of these, and many have two or three professional organizations. The private investigators that belong to these groups come together on a regular basis and form traiing seminars, keep the members abreast of laws and regulations, and generally only accept members that have been vetted. If your private investigator isn't a member of one of these professional organizations, you should ask why. Here in Colorado, it is the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC), a professional trade group that has advocated for professionalism in the industry since the mid-1970s. You should also talk to attorneys that would have a need for private investigators (personal injury attorneys, divorce attorneys and criminal defense attorneys). 

The staff at Legal Investigations, Inc. are all members of such organizations and everyone under the owner is a licensed and bonded investigator. On top of that, the owner of Legal Investigations, Inc. is a licensed attorney and belongs to bar associations - and is a former President of the PPIAC and was a Board Member At Large as recently as 2013, and was instrumental in driving the current laws regarding licensing here in Colorado for private investigators. 

Thinking of hiring a private investigator in colorado? here are some tips in finding a good one. 

‚ÄčColorado's laws on licensing ensure that a licensed private investigator does not have a criminal history, which is good. At least you'll know that the private investigator that you're about to hire doesn't have a record of bad behavior. But just as important, the law on licensing also allows any person with no experience to obtain a license as a private investigator. So your first question before hiring any investigator should be, "How much experience do you have as a private investigator?" The second question you should always ask is, "How much experience do you have investigating this type of case?"  Just because a private investigator has ten or twenty years in background checks, that doesn't mean they are an expert in surveillance. 

DJ Himstedt has over 30 years of investigative experience in insurance cases, and with that comes an enormous amount of experience in surveillance, interviewing techniques, background investigations, missing persons cases and asset discovery. On top of that, DJ's firm is supported by specialists in fields such as forensic accounting, electronic countermeasures and computer forensics.  

Ask your private investigator how much experience he or she has

Hiring a private investigator is an important decision. Chances are, the product or service that your private investigator delivers will affect your legal case and because of that, you need to hire the right one. In Colorado, there are literally hundreds of private investigators to choose from. Aside from checking the credentials of your private investigator through state regulatory agencies, here are some tips to finding the right one for you and your case: 

Where should I look for a private investigator?