from simple to complex cases, private investigations in denver that deliver for you. 

Insurance Investigations

Private investigations in Denver and the entire State of Colorado. Investigating a personal injury case, whether it's a car accident or a product liability claim, takes a special set of skills to ensure a good outcome to your investigative plan. DJ Himstedt and the licensed private investigators of Legal Investigations, Inc. private investigations has three decades of experience in this field and can provide you with expertise in areas such as: 

  • Locating and identifying defendants, witnesses and other parties that could be potentially involved with the case;
  • Interviews with any involved party, including plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses and responding agency personnel. Interviews can be informal, written, audio or video recorded;
  • Accident scene photography and videography, including scene analysis for issues such as traffic patterns, visibility, road conditions, etc.; 
  • Background investigations on plaintiffs for patterns of personal injury litigation, possible pre-existing injuries from prior accidents, etc.;
  • Background investigations on defendants for asset location, evidence of negligence, etc. 

General Legal Investigations

We are capable of investigating any case, no matter how complex. Workers compensation, product liability, wrongful death, domestic issues, business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence investigations, and more. With decades of experience in every conceivable legal area, you can count on Legal Investigations, Inc. to provide you with a factual report containing actionable information that you can move forward with. 

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Missing Persons

Often referred to as "skip tracing" or "locate searches", DJ Himstedt is a master at finding individuals that no one else can locate. From witnesses that have seemingly vanished, to defendants that are hiding from creditors, he can locate any person. 

  • Defendants and witnesses
  • Lost relatives
  • Former employees and contacts
  • And more

Asset Investigations

Whether you are contemplating litigation or collecting on a judgment, knowing where a person's assets are and their value will determine how successful you are in your case. 

Our asset investigations range from a simple property search to a complete financial composite of the subject. We have simple asset checks that simply look for property, vehicles and businesses (these are great decision making tools when you're considering a case or offer). We also have complete asset investigations that paint a complete picture of your subject's financial world. 

  • Real property ownership
  • Business ownership and interests
  • Motor vehicle ownership
  • Complete civil court history to identify potential assets from previous litigation
  • National searches for liens, judgments and bankruptcies
  • UCC filings to identify business equipment, contracts and potential financial holdings
  • Bank accounts and liquid assets

Difficult Process Service

While we do not typically accept standard process service assignments, we will serve papers in connection with investigative cases that are assigned to us.

We will also accept papers for service that others have failed to deliver. If you have a case that your usual process server is not able to complete, give us a call. We will go as far as your budget allows to serve due process on a defendant or witness. And with the proper budget and strategy, we have never failed. 

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