Legal Investigations, Inc. is a firm established for the sole purpose of serving our clients by offering high quality and reliable investigative services. Our goal is to provide you with accurate information, prompt service, and the highest level of professionalism. 

In today's legal climate, it is imperative that attorney and client have available to them pertinent facts and evidence as soon as possible, and in a form that is readily useful, understandable and to the greatest extent possible, admissible. Unfortunately, few clients (and not many more attorneys) are equipped to gather such information. To do so requires a knowledge of public records; skill in interviewing; knowledge and training in assorted legal areas; and the ability to gather this information within a very short period of time. 

While 'investigators' are common, legal investigators - those trained and experienced in the workings of the law enforcement and judicial systems as well as in the law itself - are rare. It is this that inspired the formation of Legal Investigations, Inc. 

Formed in 1988, L.I.I. is owned and operated by D.J. Himstedt. With 18 years experience in investigations, a licensed attorney since 1982, and a former multi-lines claims adjuster - we offer full service legal investigation, including undercover investigations, surveillance, accident investigations, litigation support, skip tracing, asset checks, photography, videography, process service, background checks, and other services. 

We believe that with our background and experience, we can offer the investigation and trial preparation that any attorney would want to have, and all within a matter of days or weeks. We are available on a twenty four hour, seven day per week basis. 

It is our belief that we are working as a team with your office, and therefore we will not undertake any investigation that requires illegal acts or can in any way be considered unethical or immoral.

policy and philosophy

You deserve a private investigator that understands the law as it pertains to a legal investigation.