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Type your paragraph here.Of all the types of investigative services that we offer, we specialize the most in personal injury investigations. That's because owner DJ Himstedt of Legal Investigations Inc. began his career in the insurance industry.  Whether the case involves surveillance, witness interviews or scene documentation, our investigators fully document the facts in your investigation.  Our investigators are trained in all areas of personal injury investigations.  

Investigating a personal injury case, whether it's a car accident or a product liability claim, takes a special set of skills to ensure a good outcome to your investigative plan. DJ Himstedt has three decades of experience in this field and can provide you with expertise in areas such as: 

Locating and identifying defendants, witnesses and other parties that could be potentially involved with the case. Before you start litigating, the most important first step is to identify the parties involved - and other involved parties that you may not yet know about.  We will completely identify all parties involved in your case, complete with full names, address and even contact information.  

Interviews with any involved party, including plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses and responding agency personnel. Interviews can be informal, written, audio or video recorded. You need first hand accounts from all involved parties, including witnesses and first responders, so that you can compare the accounts of those involved and make sure you have all of the facts correct. 

Accident scene photography and videography, including scene analysis for issues such as traffic patterns, visibility, road conditions, etc. Our investigation and scene documentation could establish third party responsibility or information that was not disclosed by the injured. Often, photographs of an accident scene will disclose facts to the case that were previously unknown. Generally, we will document a scene as close to the lighting and weather conditions as possible - as well as during full daylight view so that every aspect can be easily identified. 

Background investigations on plaintiffs for patterns of personal injury litigation, possible pre-existing injuries from prior accidents, etc. Understanding whether you're dealing with a "professional plaintiff", or discovering that your witness has a substance abuse habit, can help you decide the value of each person and the weight you should give to their recollection of the events.  Background investigations on defendants for asset location, evidence of negligence, etc., is key to determining what opportunities there are as the case enters it's preliminary stages. 

We will set up an investigative plan and goal to collect all facts in your personal injury investigation.  Our investigators will verify addresses and other information to make sure you have the most update information on the subject of your investigation.  Our investigative planning and preparation helps our clients save time and money and get the most of their investigation.  Using our time tested process, our professional surveillance investigators will be fully prepared before conducting surveillance in your personal injury investigation.  

Our trained and experienced investigators will be able to secure detailed and thorough statements from the injured person and witnesses.  Our investigative statements will be supplied to you in a written report and can be recorded if needed.  Witness statements establish a record.  It has been proven that collecting statements can assist in your personal injury investigation and in court. 

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Personal injury investigations, whether for the defense or plaintiff, are a key to successful litigation. Private investigations in Denver