Asset Investigations

Whether you are contemplating litigation or collecting on a judgment, knowing where a person's assets are and their value will determine how successful you are in your case. 

Our asset investigations range from a simple property search to a complete financial composite of the subject. We have simple asset checks that simply look for property, vehicles and businesses (these are great decision making tools when you're considering a case or offer). We also have complete asset investigations that paint a complete picture of your subject's financial world. 

  • Real property ownership
  • Business ownership and interests
  • Motor vehicle ownership
  • Complete civil court history to identify potential assets from previous litigation
  • National searches for liens, judgments and bankruptcies
  • UCC filings to identify business equipment, contracts and potential financial holdings
  • Bank accounts and liquid assets

Asset investigations

You've won the case. Now what? let us help you discover the assets that can help satisfy your judgment.